Andrew Greenhalgh

Insurance Actuary
Dept. of Insurance

Andrew Greenhalgh Overview

Andrew Greenhalgh in year 2018 was employed in Dept. of Insurance and had annual salary of $105,623. This salary is 19 percent higher than average and 14 percent higher than median salary in Dept. of Insurance.

Andrew Greenhalgh started working at Dept. of Insurance on 10th August 2018. He is working full time as a Insurance Actuary.

Key Data

Calendar Year 2018
First Name Andrew
Last Name Greenhalgh
Middle Initial S.
Job Title Insurance Actuary
Employer Dept. of Insurance
Age 61
City Hartford
Ethnic Group White

Andrew Greenhalgh Employment History


Job Title:
Insurance Actuary
Dept. of Insurance
Bargaining Group:
Employment Type:
Total Pay:
Projected Annual Salary:
Other Pay:
Non Retirement Fringe:
SERS Retirement:
ARP Retirement:
Judges' Retirement:
Teachers' Retirement:

Salary Statistics

Year Total Pay Projected Annual Salary
2018 $33,590 $105,623

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