Public Data Websites

Below we present a list of websites recommended by us containing public data. Thanks to these pages, you can easily access interesting information about the functioning of the state, see how money from your taxes is spent, etc.

People Search

PPLScanner - huge database (200 million) of public records. Marketing data, property records, business registration records, government employee salaries, patent applications and much more.

Government employees salaries

OpenGovPay - the largest database (69,5M) containing data on the salaries of government employees from all 50 states.
floridaopengov - Florida county payrolls.
GovPayrolls - Government payrolls database, easy to use.
publicpay - California payrolls.

Property Value

thePropertyData - large database of properties, property owners and values.
New York Property - The Department of Finance values your property every year as one step in calculating your property tax bill.
Arkansas Property Tax Center - Arkansas Property Tax Center.

Company Registration Data

CorporatesDB - searchable database containing almost all companies registered in the United States.
Sunbiz - Florida company register.
dos - New York company register.