Connecticut State Universities Salaries

Number of employees at Connecticut State Universities in year 2018 was 57. Average annual salary was $81,229 and median salary was $95,643. Connecticut State Universities average salary is 73 percent higher than Connecticut average and median salary is 120 percent higher than Connecticut median.

Average Salary (2018)
Median Salary (2018)
Employees Number (2018)

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Name Job Title Total Pay
Agnes Williams
Professional $71,567
Agnes Williams Professional $71,567 View Details
Andrew Morris
SU Admin $85,094
Andrew Morris SU Admin $85,094 View Details
Angelo Simoni
Manager $91,647
Angelo Simoni Manager $91,647 View Details
Anna Prusak
SU Admin $130,412
Anna Prusak SU Admin $130,412 View Details
Anthony Andosca
SU Admin $115,737
Anthony Andosca SU Admin $115,737 View Details
Brenda Whalen
Executive $158,244
Brenda Whalen Executive $158,244 View Details
Cheryl Bermani-McCann
SU Admin $94,330
Cheryl Bermani-McCann SU Admin $94,330 View Details
Cheryl Connor
Professional $59,592
Cheryl Connor Professional $59,592 View Details
Christopher Dupuis
Manager $104,598
Christopher Dupuis Manager $104,598 View Details
Elizabeth Hays
SU Admin $76,507
Elizabeth Hays SU Admin $76,507 View Details
Eric Lessne
Manager $102,722
Eric Lessne Manager $102,722 View Details
Erin Fitzgerald
Manager $103,021
Erin Fitzgerald Manager $103,021 View Details
Ernestine Weaver
Executive $123,698
Ernestine Weaver Executive $123,698 View Details
Esterlyn Cherydant
SU Admin $6,793
Esterlyn Cherydant SU Admin $6,793 View Details
George Meagher
SU Admin $98,888
George Meagher SU Admin $98,888 View Details
Gerald Cotter
Manager $105,602
Gerald Cotter Manager $105,602 View Details
Gregory Daniels
Manager $95,851
Gregory Daniels Manager $95,851 View Details
Irena Markova
SU Admin $100,996
Irena Markova SU Admin $100,996 View Details
James Steele
SU Admin $100,114
James Steele SU Admin $100,114 View Details