Dept of Administrative Svcs Salaries

Number of employees at Dept of Administrative Svcs in year 2018 was 672. Average annual salary was $72,368 and median salary was $73,423. Dept of Administrative Svcs average salary is 54 percent higher than Connecticut average and median salary is 69 percent higher than Connecticut median.

Average Salary (2018)
Median Salary (2018)
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Name Job Title Total Pay
Ada Rivera
Contract Analyst $86,796
Ada Rivera Contract Analyst $86,796 View Details
Adrianne Runowicz
Reimbursement Analyst $82,938
Adrianne Runowicz Reimbursement Analyst $82,938 View Details
Aimee Cunningham
Contract Specialist $95,657
Aimee Cunningham Contract Specialist $95,657 View Details
Alan Schenck
IT Analyst $92,439
Alan Schenck IT Analyst $92,439 View Details
Aleksandra Scott
Associate Accountant $38,979
Aleksandra Scott Associate Accountant $38,979 View Details
Aleshia Hall
Executive Secretary $73,005
Aleshia Hall Executive Secretary $73,005 View Details
Alexander Palmieri
Elevator Inspector $81,605
Alexander Palmieri Elevator Inspector $81,605 View Details
Alexis Caceres
Duplicating Technician $56,692
Alexis Caceres Duplicating Technician $56,692 View Details
Alicia Nunez
Equal Employ Opp Dir $108,823
Alicia Nunez Equal Employ Opp Dir $108,823 View Details
Allan duFrend
CS Asst Proj Mgr $69,339
Allan duFrend CS Asst Proj Mgr $69,339 View Details
Allen Landry
Maint Supv2(Auto) $80,626
Allen Landry Maint Supv2(Auto) $80,626 View Details
Alyse Visconti
Office Assistant $31,452
Alyse Visconti Office Assistant $31,452 View Details
Amanda Klatt
Fiscal/Administrative Officer $86,796
Amanda Klatt Fiscal/Administrative Officer $86,796 View Details
Amanda Nattinger
Fleet Operations Technician $49,189
Amanda Nattinger Fleet Operations Technician $49,189 View Details
Amy Whitehouse
Fiscal/Administrative Officer $13,383
Amy Whitehouse Fiscal/Administrative Officer $13,383 View Details
Anatolie Alexander
Boiler Inspector $78,299
Anatolie Alexander Boiler Inspector $78,299 View Details
Andrea Clarke
HR Consultant $70,391
Andrea Clarke HR Consultant $70,391 View Details
Andrew Seegobin
Mail Handler $48,750
Andrew Seegobin Mail Handler $48,750 View Details