Office of Higher Education Salaries

Number of employees at Office of Higher Education in year 2018 was 44. Average annual salary was $42,875 and median salary was $36,573. Office of Higher Education average salary is 9 percent lower than Connecticut average and median salary is 16 percent lower than Connecticut median.

Average Salary (2018)
Median Salary (2018)
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Name Job Title Total Pay
Bryan Mitchell
Senior AssociateDHE $35,539
Bryan Mitchell Senior AssociateDHE $35,539 View Details
Christine Martinez
ConsultantDHE $55,522
Christine Martinez ConsultantDHE $55,522 View Details
Christon Kurker-Stewart
Senior AssociateDHE $44,234
Christon Kurker-Stewart Senior AssociateDHE $44,234 View Details
Donald Perras
Specialist (ARC) $7,750
Donald Perras Specialist (ARC) $7,750 View Details
Donald Schels
Specialist (ARC) $800
Donald Schels Specialist (ARC) $800 View Details
Donna Gaywood
Senior AssociateDHE $32,080
Donna Gaywood Senior AssociateDHE $32,080 View Details
Edward O'Connell
Specialist (ARC) $28,247
Edward O'Connell Specialist (ARC) $28,247 View Details
Huyen Dao
Senior ConsultDHE $75,536
Huyen Dao Senior ConsultDHE $75,536 View Details
Huyen Dao
Specialist (ARC) $7,850
Huyen Dao Specialist (ARC) $7,850 View Details
Jacqueline Johnson
Division Director DHE $130,754
Jacqueline Johnson Division Director DHE $130,754 View Details
Jaf Chiang
Specialist (ARC) $5,019
Jaf Chiang Specialist (ARC) $5,019 View Details
Joanne Weisskopf
Temporary Worker(Retiree) $12,661
Joanne Weisskopf Temporary Worker(Retiree) $12,661 View Details
Kadidra Felix
ConsultantDHE $46,576
Kadidra Felix ConsultantDHE $46,576 View Details
Katherine Scheuritzel
Senior AssociateDHE $74,149
Katherine Scheuritzel Senior AssociateDHE $74,149 View Details
Kathy Gaydosh
Specialist (ARC) $7,032
Kathy Gaydosh Specialist (ARC) $7,032 View Details
Keith Norton
Exec Dir Off Higher Ed $126,037
Keith Norton Exec Dir Off Higher Ed $126,037 View Details
Latoya McPherson
Assoc DirDHE $36,335
Latoya McPherson Assoc DirDHE $36,335 View Details