Worker's Compensation Commiss. Salaries

Number of employees at Worker's Compensation Commiss. in year 2018 was 126. Average annual salary was $68,218 and median salary was $60,803. Worker's Compensation Commiss. average salary is 46 percent higher than Connecticut average and median salary is 40 percent higher than Connecticut median.

Average Salary (2018)
Median Salary (2018)
Employees Number (2018)

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Name Job Title Total Pay
Albertina Brown
Paralegal Specialist $77,068
Albertina Brown Paralegal Specialist $77,068 View Details
Aliah Ford
Office Assistant $24,224
Aliah Ford Office Assistant $24,224 View Details
Alicia Miller
Office Assistant $9,221
Alicia Miller Office Assistant $9,221 View Details
Amy-Sue Munroe
Temporary Worker(Retiree) $1,363
Amy-Sue Munroe Temporary Worker(Retiree) $1,363 View Details
Angel Breault
Office Assistant $52,663
Angel Breault Office Assistant $52,663 View Details
Awilda Hernandez
WCC Dist Supv(RC) $90,461
Awilda Hernandez WCC Dist Supv(RC) $90,461 View Details
Brenda Henowitz
WC Dist Ops Supv $82,938
Brenda Henowitz WC Dist Ops Supv $82,938 View Details
Brenda Jannotta
WCC Commr $162,217
Brenda Jannotta WCC Commr $162,217 View Details
Brigitte Moore
Office Assistant $49,600
Brigitte Moore Office Assistant $49,600 View Details
Carolyn Colangelo
WCC Commr $106,409
Carolyn Colangelo WCC Commr $106,409 View Details
Cathy Dabakis
Hearing Reporter2(WCC) $61,575
Cathy Dabakis Hearing Reporter2(WCC) $61,575 View Details
Chandelle Secord
Hearing Reporter2(WCC) $4,629
Chandelle Secord Hearing Reporter2(WCC) $4,629 View Details
Chanise Belizaire
Office Assistant $55,414
Chanise Belizaire Office Assistant $55,414 View Details
Charles Senich
WCC Commr $168,820
Charles Senich WCC Commr $168,820 View Details
Cheryllynn Donnelly
Lic& Applics Anlyst $28,961
Cheryllynn Donnelly Lic& Applics Anlyst $28,961 View Details
Christine Engel
WCC Commr $41,658
Christine Engel WCC Commr $41,658 View Details
Concetta Mancini
Office Assistant $20,822
Concetta Mancini Office Assistant $20,822 View Details
Crystal Byrd
Office Assistant $55,265
Crystal Byrd Office Assistant $55,265 View Details
Cynthia Infante
Secretary $47,694
Cynthia Infante Secretary $47,694 View Details